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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

CRISTALICA SERVICE shall handle all received data confidentially, and use them exclusively for completing orders and purposes related to purchase.


Buyers' data shall not be disclosed to any third party except for the (logistics) subcontractors needed for completing the order.


We conduct our data management processes in full compliance with the provisions of Act 63 of 1992, the Data Protection Act.


By their purchase, (registration) Buyers approve of Webshop operator CRISTALICA SERVICE (address: Str. Padișului nr. 27 A, Oradea), to manage their personal data in order to complete the orders placed in the Webshop, or, if the registered user so requires, in order to inform the registered user about CRISTALICA SERVICE's products or special offers in the form of a newsletter.


 Data provision is voluntary. Buyers' data are processed by CRISTALICA SERVICE. If you do not allow your data to be used in the future, please notify us accordingly at the addresses below: Cristalica Service Srl., Str. Padișului nr. 27 A, Oradea or frh@vip-pictures.com  .